Audio Products

Audio conferencing technology makes it easier to conduct meetings with parties that are in different locations. ICHI provides customers with the best in Audio Conferencing technology with optimized echo cancellation and crisp audio quality. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a satisfying experience.

Speakers are a necessity for audio output of any kind. We at ICHI offer a wide range of audio speakers to cater to any needs. Find the perfect speaker from our wide selection for an unparalleled satisfaction.

Audio Amplifiers are used to amplify low-power sound in order to provide the finest audio experience. They are used with audio devices to make the sound audible to the audience. ICHI provides our customers with a huge selection of Audio Amplifiers for multiple purposes.

Digital audio processors help eliminate problems of feedback, echo, noise etc. caused by issues such as highly sensitive microphones. Audio processors can be used in a variety of situations, from entertainment to conference calls. Here, at ICHI we offer to our customers the best audio processors available, in order to maximize the pleasure of their auditory experience.

Microphones are used for various purposes such as singing, instruments, conferences, speeches etc. ICHI provides you with high-quality microphones to cater to your every need.