AV Integration systems are essential in hospital, educational, corporate as well as home settings. It is a professional setup that makes it possible to control multiple gadgets from one single system. ICHI has a collection of the very best, with suitable options to cater one’s personal requirements.

Lighting control systems control lighting fixtures and lower energy consumption and increase the life of the fixtures. They range from simple dimmers to comprehensive systems. They give one the ability to transform the atmosphere of a room. ICHI has a wide selection of different types of lighting control systems.

AV interfaces simplify connectivity when there are multiple output and input devices present. ICHI provides various switchers and splitters for multiple needs.

MCUs are used when there are video conferences to be conducted between more than two different parties. ICHI provides customers with the best MCUs in the market.

IP streaming devices are generally used to record live video conferences and allow it to be accessed at any time on a particular IP network. We at ICHI provide customers with the very best in IP streaming technology for all varied uses, from recording important meetings to interviews etc.